George Hotel Facade

'The Funeral Party' public artwork was produced by commissioned artist, Jo. Scicluna, for Melbourne’s historical George Hotel in St Kilda.

The three storey high temporary artwork was mounted on the scaffolding as part of the urgent refurbishment of the facade undertaken by the George Seaview Hotels Owners Corporation and managed by Paul Morgan Architects.

Jo Scicluna chose to focus on a specific era of the building’s history. Scicluna conceived the work as a text-based, community-derived 'portrait'. In the mode of 'relational aesthetics', a selection of characters have been gleaned from anecdotes gathered from participants that frequented the site during a significant cultural epoch in the late 70s and early 80s. A vital, expansive and experimental dialogue between music, art, film and fashion emerged as a result.

Melding the factual, fictitious and the (urban) mythical, this cast of 'peripheral' characters were used to directly and indirectly define a site specific sensibility and spirit of place.

A project booklet and launch accompanied the public component of the Funeral Party. The booklet documented the process and stories that informed the art work. The launch was held to reunite the participants and stakeholders and provide those directly and indirectly involved with the project booklet.

This project was endorsed by the City of Port Phillip’s Urban Art Strategy.

Images courtesy Peter Bennetts.