Intelligent Systems, RMIT

Housed within the existing 840 m² eighth level of RMIT's Building 14, this refurbishment for RMIT's Intelligent Systems facilitates the administrative and support staff, Head of School Office, academic staff and their associated postgraduate students. The refurbishment provides office, reception and teaching accommodation including Intelligent Systems' 'Robot Lab', a miniature soccer pitch used for research and testing robots designed by post-graduate students.

Adopting integrated Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) principles, the design optimises natural light from the broad northern façade, allowing light into the offices as well as the communal and break-out areas further back from the windows. Creating an atmospheric link between the east and west extremities of the fit-out, physically blocked by a large central plant room dividing the west and east ends, the natural light also overcomes one of the challenges of the project – how to create the necessary linkages between the disciplines located at the two ends of the building.

Forming the first interface with the public, current and prospective students, the reception counter is flanked by both the staff and student lounge and a folding element that seems to beckon users into the complex.