School of Computer Science, RMIT

This project involved the provision of a Flexible Learning Centre to RMIT University's School of Computer Science and Information Technology. The Learning Centre provides three Syndicate Rooms (each with 37 workstations), an Oasis (7 workstations), Help Desk, Hot Desk Area, Research Room, Offices, Staff and Student Lounges, Thermal Zone and miscellaneous administrative office.

Here the directional 'chalk and talk' relationship between teacher and student - students as audience - gives way to self-learning from a computer terminal at a workstation. Students sit around large geometric tables of four to eight places, forming cells of activity that allow for an interactive learning context where flexibility and accessibility are important and information technology is maximised. The appended Oasis room is an elliptical space for seven students who wish to work in either a more interactive or silent, environment than their colleagues in the Syndicate Rooms.

In the competitive world of attracting students to computer science, this project recognizes that design innovation reflects the School's self image.