Hamilton Flexible Learning Centre, RMIT

This project was driven by the local community who saw various tiers of education critical to the economic and social future of a regional economy historically monopolized by the wool industry. The concept diagram represents a 3D interpretation of the life-long, flexible learning idea epitomised by the small Hamilton facility.

Educational pathways are offered from secondary school to doctorate level in different teaching formats, supported by various centres - Business Incubator, Centre for Regional and Rural Development, and Schools Experience. In terms of design, the flexible learning space is at the centre, supported by specialist facility spaces (say, wet laboratories), resource and administrative spaces. On-line learning and the RMIT University International Community Exchange program link the region to a global system of regional communities.

The campus is self-sufficient in terms of landscape irrigation. Stormwater is harvested from roofs and paved areas into the enlarged dam and is pumped back to the garden watering reticulation system.